Monday, September 10, 2018

"Prayer Works Like A 'W'" (by Bill Winston)

Just heard this today during a sermon from Bill Winston.


God initiates it, but He puts it through the Holy Ghost in your heart  \

You respond and pray (according to His will) - when you pray, it goes back up to God  /

Once it goes back to Him, He answers the prayer

God dispatches resources on your behalf in response to your prayer  \

Once you receive what you prayed for, you give praise to God  /

This is by no means meant to simplify the prayer walk, but it is an interesting way to hear it explained.

One reason I give the disclaimer above is because many Christians know and understand that our praise often times needs to be lifted up to God before we receive the answer to our prayers.  Again, it was still an interesting reference using the letter W :).

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