Saturday, March 2, 2013

Revelation About Redemption

God reminded me this morning that He sent Jesus to redeem me from the curse of drug addiction, before I was ever born.  He showed me that, just as He touched me that night at church when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit (1991), He also worked miracles for His people over and over again (in the years before Jesus came to the Earth).  But they continually turned away from Him.

Even though He was continually performing miracles for them, they didn't receive Him and His goodness for them.  He showed me that I have received my redemption from the curse of drug addiction and I continue to walk in it because I continue to seek Him and praise Him for His goodness.

Just as His people thousands of years ago turned from Him and they faced consequences for it, we will also face consequences if we turn our back on God.

I thank God that we know we are nothing without Him, and that every good thing we have in life is because of His mighty love, mercy and grace.

We love you Lord! We will never turn our backs on you! You are worthy of all our praise! Just as the song says, we want to give you a life well lived to say "thank you".

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