Monday, June 24, 2013

Reflection & Encouragement

Less than a year after I had been working for Lake Medical Imaging, our IT Director had his son come work with us for a few weeks to pickup some experience with members of our team (at the time, he was wanting to start a career in IT, but had no experience at all).

When he was eventually assigned to work with me for a couple of weeks, we had several chats about computer technology and his desire to pursue a career in IT.

I wrote him an email in June 2013 that was not only encouraging to him, but was encouraging to me as well (gleaning growth by sharing).  I'd like to share that "letter" here on my blog:

You've been asking some very good questions about your future, and I've given you some decent answers. But I haven't given you the most important answers.

The bible says in James 1:5"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him".  I know from experience that God can and will guide you into all the truth you need, if you'll diligently seek Him, and wait on Him.

You've asked me how I know all the things I know and how I'm able to do all the things I can do.  And I've given you some examples of things I've done over the years to help me get to where I am.  But out of all the years I've spent working towards growth in this field, every single bit of growth I've gotten has been a blessing of the Lord.  There are so many times when I look at my skills, and I know in my heart that it's all because of God that I can understand and apply all the knowledge I have, because it's all God given.  There are times when I look at my accomplishments and I'm amazed at what God's done through me, not at what I'VE done.  I am nothing without Him, and can do nothing apart from Him.

You have integrity and a great work ethic, but you lack wisdom, understanding and experience with regards to IT skills.  And you don't lack these things because you're not capable of having them.   But it just takes time.  And God can help you get there.

When I first started in this career, just before I got my first IT job, I tried to pass the MCP exam and failed pretty badly.  I was SO crushed, that I thought maybe I wasn't cut out for a job in IT.  But there was one thing that kept me from giving up: the passion that God put in my heart.  I LOVE Information Technology, so there was no way I could NOT keep pursuing it.  And I've seen God do so much in me and through me that I would've never imagined when I first started.

I encourage you to seek God continually with this path that you're on. He will guide you in every way, and provide you with opportunities that are perfect for YOU.

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