Friday, July 20, 2012

Ian's Revelation

On behalf of our son, Ian Schuepbach, his mother and I (Casey and John Schuepbach) are extremely grateful for the revelation knowledge that God has blessed our son with, and know that it was revealed to him not only to bless him, but also to be shared as a praise report to Ken Ham's Answers In Genesis ministry to both bless AIG, as well as the people the ministry serves - Glory to God!!

Ian was in science class and they were talking about how Mount Everest went up into the stratosphere, and then he thought to himself for a minute and realized that when the Earth flooded, the water rose above the highest mountain tops which would mean that Noah's Ark was
"cruising" in the stratosphere. This is amazing because there is not enough air in the stratosphere for anyone to survive, let alone spend 40+ days there (especially during Noah's time - they did not have the technology of oxygen tanks, etc). It would've also been freezing cold (but of course wasn't at all because Noah and all the inhabitants survived comfortably). This is also amazing because weather normally occurs in the troposphere (the area below the stratosphere) and never occurs in the stratosphere. But because the water rose above the mountains, it would've been raining above the level of the water which means that God supernaturally altered the weather to occur where it
normally does not.

We have since read the article here: , which discusses some of the same topics that were revealed to our son, but we also pray that God may use this revelation to help expand the knowledge and teaching that AIG uses when talking about these topics.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this revelation knowledge, and we pray that it may somehow be used to bless your ministry.

Blessed Regards,

John, Casey and Ian Schuepbach

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